Global Change Makers!

There are a myriad of individuals out there who are proponents of positive growth, and it is our mission to capture them all, for you to know.  

2nd November, 2011

Africa is known for receiving aid, and not giving it, but this African hero saw fit to change all that.  South Afirican Imtiaz Sooliman is the Founder of Gift of the Givers Foundation, which is the largest disaster relief organization of African origin, on the African continent.  Thus far, he and his organization have lent a helping hand to 32 countries since its inception in the early '90s.  After the Haiti Earthquake, Imtiaz Sooliman and his group rescued a 62 year old lady by the name of Ena Zizi, who had been trapped underneath all the rubble, with no water and food.  "Imtiaz Sooliman ... says the rescue mission marked the first time rescuers from an African country pulled someone out of earthquake rubble alive in another part of the world."  Read more about his story and his foundation.

 1st November, 2011

Fred Swaniker is a Ghanain-born Entrepreneur and an African hero who has taken it upon himself to nurture the future leaders of Africa.  He is the Founder and CEO of the elite Africa Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, which handpicks young, innovative, motivated, disciplined and promising individuals from all African countries, and instills values of leadership in them, for two years, in this academy.  Read more about this incredible African achiever and his institution