Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aspirations Of A Generation

The faces of comprehensive change within our continent have stepped up to the podium. They have spoken, and it’s time to listen; they have visions, and it’s time to see them; they have challenges, and it’s time to assist them; they have questions, and it’s time to answer them; they have plans, and it’s time to engage with them; they have dreams, so let’s dream with them. “Aspirations Of A Generation,” delves into the minds and hearts of our youth; let’s read them. 

 Pick up a copy of the latest Footprints Press publication, "Aspirations Of A Generation," from any of the major bookstores around Nairobi:
  • Bookstop, Yaya Centre
  • Text Book Centre (Sarit Centre, Junction)
  • Prestige bookshop, Mama Ngina Street
  • Savanis, Westgate 
Other Footprints Press publications, also available at the aforementioned bookshops:
  • Life Journeys: Seeking Destiny - Conversations With High Achieving Women in Kenya
  • Life Journeys: Scaling Heights - Conversations With High Achieving Men in Kenya
  • Life Journeys Nuggets:  Musings on Kenya
  • Life Journeys Nuggets:  Musings on Life

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